iSync+® GPS/GNSS OCXO/Rb modules


GPS Designer Kit (GDK-1) for the SRO Rb Products

The GDK-1 is an easy-to-use, plug-& -play designer kit for the SRO-100/10x (SRO) Rb products. It helps designers deliver fast, low-cost, and integrated GPS timing clock solutions at 30% less than conventional timing module/board cost, while focusing on their core expertise. It comes with a GPS receiver, antenna and related cable accessories, and a smart GPS-disciplined SRO Rb oscillator. The GPS can be from any vendor by feeding the SRO with a 1PPS input reference. 

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The GDK-1 comes with these features:
- Windows iSync+® software application
- RS-1232 interface to control and monitor a complete suite of time and frequency features, including timing and holdover performance
- Integrated EEPROM memory for seamless upgrades and performance/feature enhancements 


It is typically used in the following applications:

  • Mobile & wired telecom/datacom infrastructures
  • Military communications & surveillance systems
  • High precision instruments
  • Time & frequency systems
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