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To become the world’s leader in high-end crystal, rubidium, maser and integrated GPS or GNSS clock and related test instrument technologies by offering smart, high-performance, cost-effective, and high-quality products for the many industries we serve.


Management Team

  • Pascal Rochat, Managing Director
  • Didier Goujon, VP & Space Programs
  • Jean-Luc Schwizgebel, Operations Manager
  • Hanka Ruedin, Quality Manager



Founded in 1995 in Neuchatel, Switzerland, Spectratime designs, manufactures and markets a full range of high-performance, low-cost crystal, rubidium and maser sources, smart integrated GPS or GNSS reference clocks, and clock testing systems. Its products are used in a wide variety of applications, including telecommunications, defense, navigation, instrument, broadcasting, and space. The company is a recognized leader in the industries it serves and distributes its products globally through Spectratime's sales offices in Europe, Asia, and United States.



  • High-performance crystal, rubidium & maser clocks
  • Commercial & rugged military rubidium oscillator sources
  • Space crystal, rubidium and maser clock sources
  • GPS/GNSS synchronized crystal and rubidium clocks
  • Integrated, low noise GPS/GNSS rubidium reference standards
  • High-resolution ADEV clock analyzers
  • Time & frequency clock experts



  • 1995:  Swiss company founded under the name of Tekelec Neuchatel Time
  • 1996:  First design of the RFAS Rubidium clock for space navigational applications
  • 1997:  First design of the space PHM (Passive Hydrogen Maser) clock for satellite navigational applications
  • 2002:  First market introduction of the smart GPS-synchronized SRO Rubidium clock module
  • 2003:  Company name changed from Tekelec Neuchatel Time to Temex Time
  • 2005:  First market introduction of the industry's lowest cost LCR Rubidium oscillator & GPS PicoReference (GPS Rb comparator) ADEV clock analyzer 
  • 2006:  First market introduction of the GPSReference (GPS Rb) standard system  
  • 2007:  Company name changed from Temex Time to Spectratime, which becomes part of the Orolia group
  • 2008:  First market introduction of the smart GPS-synchronized SXO &  the space PHM maser clock, which was the first clock ever put in space on the GIOVE B satellite, achieving the world's most stable clock performance in space 
  • 2009:  Prime Swiss supplier of high precision timing equipment for the Galileo ground timing system 
  • 2010:  First RAFS rubidium clocks flying & operating on the COMPASS/Baidu satellites
  • 2011:  Prime Swiss supplier of the PHM maser & RAFS rubidium clocks for Galileo's 14 satellites
  • 2012:  Prime Swiss supplier of 29 space RAFS rubidium clocks for the IRNS (Indian Regional Navigation System)
  • 2015:  Prime Swiss supplier of all PHM maser & RAFS rubidium clocks for the first 22 Galileo satellites
  • 2016:  World's largest Swiss supplier of highly reliable atomic clocks in space


Orolia Group

Orolia Switzerland SA is a company of Orolia, a high-technology holding group specialized in the positioning, navigation and timing industries. Orolia's porfolio includes the following companies:



Great People
Our value to our customers depends on great people, who are the biggest asset of Spectratime. Great people have innovative industry expertise and winning business perspective. They have visions, are entrepreneurial, drive the company through customer-value technology, constantly stretch themselves, grow their knowledge, and are driven by results. They get the job done on time and without compromises. Great people are also leaders, empowering their teams by example.

Technology Leadership
Spectratime is committed to constantly maximizing and reinventing customer value through technology leadership. We are focused and creative, invent technology to add customer value, and design state-of-the-art product performance with cost in mind and for manufacturing. We simply have a great passion for what we do and how we do it to create great value for our customers.

Built-to-Last Mentality
We are building Spectratime to be a great and lasting company. We make decisions with this in mind, undertaking only the initiatives that drive customer value, and choosing great people for their potential as much as for their capability. While we provide flexibility, innovation, and a willingness to adapt, in everything we do we look past the boundaries of just our short-term goals and ourselves.

Zero-Defect Quality Attitude
Spectratime is dedicated to achieving a zero-defect quality through its rigorous quality control system and its Swiss legacy for quality and precision. What we believe and our attitude drives what we do, the way we do it, and how we effectively resolve customer issues. We simply are driven for quality excellence.

Customer Success
Spectratime is a 100% customer-driven company. We listen to customer issues and our purpose is to help our customers achieve high-value business goals. We form lasting partnerships with customers on the basis of repeated successful value delivery. This core value guides everything we do, company-wide, in order to deliver a level of customer success not found among other timing suppliers.

Integrity defines Spectratime's core values and how we act as individuals and as a company. We treat others with respect and we do what we say. We are honest and truthful when we make promises, and are relentless in delivering them. We follow through on our commitments to each other, our customers, our shareholders, and the community. Integrity is not a value of achieving a particular end, but we live it daily.

Quality Policy

Please follow this link to see our Quality Policy